US lawmakers introduce National AI Commission Act

Legislators Present Bill to Create Commission to Evaluate Nation’s Attitude Toward Artificial Intelligence

On the twentieth of June, a coalition of legislators from both major political parties in the United States presented a bill to create a commission to evaluate the nation’s attitude toward artificial intelligence (AI).

The main goal of the bill is to create rules for the AI sector. The act follows consumer protection organizations in the European Union (EU) calling for regulators to look into the AI models utilized in popular chatbots.

Representatives Ted Lieu, Ken Buck and Anna Eshoo have jointly introduced the National AI Commission Act, a bipartisan bill that calls for the establishment of a national organization to develop a comprehensive regulatory structure for Artificial Intelligence.

The act seeks to mitigate the dangers that may arise from AI technology, with Lieu stressing the necessity of avoiding harm that could result from AI that is not subject to regulation. To accomplish this, a commission will be formed consisting of specialists, government personnel, representatives from the business sector, and labor stakeholders. Their efforts will be concentrated on offering advice for regulating AI effectively, as stated by the legislators.

Experts, Business Sector, and Labor Stakeholders to Offer Advice for Regulating AI Effectively

Merve Hickok, the head of the Center for AI and Digital Policy, expressed her approval of the National AI Commission. She declared that the proposal is timely and critical, as it would set up fundamental regulations for AI and make it possible for the public to participate in forming the country’s AI policy. The center has earlier warned about the U.S.’s lack of readiness to confront upcoming AI issues.

Hickok viewed the proposal to create a commission as a step in the right direction and praised the legislators for their initiative.

At a meeting in San Francisco with experts, Biden will be addressing the risks of Artificial Intelligence.

In response to continued demands from prominent figures in the tech world, including Elon Musk, for stricter control on the advancement of Artificial Intelligence, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, has recently voiced his worries about the necessity of effectively regulating the AI industry.

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