‘No, we’re not smuggling people’ – Bitcoin advocate tours Europe in BTC-styled van

Bitcoin-Themed Van Tour Across Europe

Ariel Aguilar has been driving La Bitcoineta, a BTC-themed van, across Europe in an effort to promote Bitcoin (BTC). Cointelegraph journalist Joe Hall interviewed the Argentinian Bitcoin proponent at Plan B Summer School, where Aguilar recounted his experience of the journey through nearly a dozen European countries.

One of the stops was from Serbia to Lugano, which involved crossing the border between Bosnia and Croatia. Aguilar waited until midnight to make the transition, which aroused suspicion from border and customs officials.

Ten minutes after the initial check, the van was stopped by an unmarked vehicle with five people dressed in civilian clothes. The crypto enthusiast recalled:

La Bitcoineta’s Journey

La Bitcoineta, driven by Aguilar, has been on an incredible journey from Spain to Lugano, with stops in Gibraltar, Portugal, Andorra, Switzerland, Munich, Prague, Oslo, Romania, Serbia and Lugano. The trip has provided a mix of experiences, from humorous encounters with officials when Aguilar was found with a copy of The Bitcoin Standard, written by BTC proponent and economist Saifedean Ammous, to cheers and thumbs up signs from crypto-friendly Switzerland.

The journey is set to continue in the direction of Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, and Macedonia. Afterwards, La Bitcoineta will travel to the United Kingdom in September, before heading to Madrid, Amsterdam and Luana before completing the journey in Lugano.

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Exploring Bitcoin Adoption Around the World

La Bitcoineta, a van driven by Bitcoin advocate and entrepreneur Alvaro Aguilar, is set to embark on a tour next year to different countries to gauge the different levels of Bitcoin adoption. The tour will involve La Bitcoineta talks and presentations on the subject.

The van has become famous for its meme-worthy moment with Bitcoin proponent Michael Saylor, after Aguilar gave the MicroStrategy CEO a tour of the van at a conference. Aguilar says his cameraman was the source of Saylor’s expression.

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The Bitcoineta is adorned with inscriptions from notable Bitcoin figures such as Adam Back, Ammous, Prince Philip of Serbia, Jack Mallers, Elizabeth Stark, and other “OG Bitcoiners” who have left messages for future generations on the van.

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