Google Cloud furthers Bitcoin Lightning ambitions with Voltage partnership

Google Cloud and Voltage: Crypto Partnership

Google Cloud has recently partnered with Voltage, a crypto infrastructure provider, in order to provide Bitcoin-based services worldwide. Voltage specializes in the Bitcoin Lightning Network, which is the latest crypto company to show interest in the technology. Graham Krizek, CEO of Voltage, spoke to Cointelegraph about the partnership:

“We service that business for them of actually, you know, helping companies that are interested in adding Bitcoin or Lightning into their services.”

The news has been met with wide acclaim on social media, showing Google’s growing understanding and acceptance of Bitcoin and Lightning. The implications of the partnership go beyond just the crypto sphere, however.

Google’s Open-Minded Approach to Lightning

Christopher Calicott, managing director of venture capital firm Tramwell Partners, recently told Cointelegraph that former Googlers were discussing the unexpected social media engagement that could draw Google’s attention. This open-minded attitude towards Lightning stands in stark contrast to the approach taken by Apple, which recently delisted the Lightning-friendly decentralized social media protocol Damus from the App Store.

Calicott believes that the tech world might be warming up to Lightning. Google Cloud is part of parent company Alphabet, and its payments platform Google Pay has hundreds of millions of users in over 15 countries. Furthermore, Google Ventures (GV) has been actively investing in blockchain, Web3 companies, and Bitcoin since 2020., Crypto Websites, Crypto Shiba, Breaking Crypto, Brise Crypto, Crypto Reddit, Tonic Crypto, SEC Crypto, and Web 3.0 companies are just some of the crypto-related entities that have caught Google’s eye.

Crypto Momentum Grows with Big Players

GV’s participation in a $6-million seed round for Voltage in 2021 is a sign of the growing momentum of the crypto space. Krizek agrees, “I think that this really is a big signal into enabling more Bitcoin-focused strategies amongst Google specifically, but also just larger organizations.”

Despite Apple’s decision to strike off the Lightning-friendly app Damus, Lightning continues to gain traction amongst billion-dollar businesses worldwide. Mexico’s largest companies have begun experimenting with Lightning, while crypto exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase have promised Lightning integrations.

It’s still early days, and Calicott noted that “we’ve got to observe this as it as it grows.” Krizek, who has been involved in the Bitcoin space since 2012, highlighted the importance of the partnership:

He noted that more services should be implemented soon, accompanied by initiatives in Bitcoin education. For example, companies like, crypto websites, crypto shiba, breaking crypto, brise crypto, crypto reddit, sec crypto, tonic crypto and web 3.0 companies are all making a positive contribution to the space.

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