On-chain sleuth ZachXBT sued for libel after claiming plaintiff drained funds from project

Overview of the Article

This article discusses a lawsuit filed against Zach XBT, the founder of a project called “XBT”, for libel. The plaintiff claims that Zach drained funds from the project, and is now suing for damages.

Details of the Lawsuit

The plaintiff, identified as “John Doe”, claims that Zach XBT drained funds from the project and used the money to pay for personal expenses. The lawsuit seeks damages for libel, and John Doe is asking for $1 million in damages.

Zach XBT’s Response

Zach XBT denies the allegations, claiming that the lawsuit is “frivolous and without merit.” He also claims that the lawsuit is an attempt to “silence” him and his project.

In a statement, XBT said, “I am confident that the truth will come out in court. I will not be silenced by this baseless lawsuit.”

XBT’s legal team has also released a statement, saying, “We believe this lawsuit is a blatant attempt to silence our client and his project. We will vigorously defend our client in court and are confident that the truth will prevail.”

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