Web 3.0 Startups Queue Up: Consensys Startup Program Partners With Cointelegraph Accelerator.
Web3 startups queue up: Consensys Startup Program partners with Cointelegraph Accelerator

The shift from Web2 to Web3 is transforming the tech landscape and gaining the attention of developers. Despite the current crypto winter, the Web3 ecosystem has continued to welcome new developers, with many thousands of them migrating from Web2 to Web3.

However, developers working with Web3 and blockchain technology can be confronted with numerous issues if they lack the right knowledge, infrastructure and tools. Web3 teams need help developing in a complex environment without introducing vulnerabilities into their smart contracts, such as hacks and exploits.

The number of active Web3 developers is growing, as evidenced by Electric Capital.

To prevent such problems, Web3 startups are seeking aid from established industry players. Blockchain and web3 software company Consensys provides developers and enterprises worldwide with a range of tools to create applications on Web3, deploy financial infrastructures, and connect with decentralized networks. Among these tools is MetaMask, one of the most widely used hot self-custody wallets in the industry, which surpassed 100 million users in 2022.

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A match made in heaven for Web3

In the summer of 2022, Consensys launched their Startup Program with the goal of working with leading early stage ventures and offering them access to Consensys’ entire product stack. This initiative aligns with the Cointelegraph Accelerator’s mission of increasing the visibility and success of promising Web3 products.

Cointelegraph and Consensys announced a joint partnership in June 2023 to support early-stage companies in the web3 space. This collaboration combines Consensys’ software infrastructure with Cointelegraph’s media presence, providing blockchain startups with a suite of powerful tools to drive their development.

Startups that join the Consensys Startup Program gain exclusive access to a variety of proprietary software products such as the Linea zK-Rollup Protocol, Infura, Diligence Fuzzing. MetaMask is also on the roadmap for the future. Additionally, startups are granted access to comprehensive technical consulting, learning services, and potential investment, benefits and marketing opportunities.

The Cointelegraph Accelerator will also play an important role in boosting the visibility of these blockchain startups through strategic media campaigns. The Accelerator will grant startups the platform to reach the right web3 audience. Moreover, Cointelegraph will help with marketing strategy development and provide access to their extensive network of investors, market makers, and tech providers. The program offers flexible payment options for its services.

Alex Greinacher, Director of the Program at Consensys, said:

The partnership will provide participants of both programs fast-track access to partner’s program, joint educational products and workshops and also special terms for use of partners’ services and infrastructure. Built by the two leading organizations within the crypto and blockchain space, the partnership brings forth a fail-safe route to Web3 innovation for promising startups.

Projects interested in joining the Consensys Startup Program can get in touch via startups@consensys.net. Companies looking to learn more about the Cointelegraph Accelerator can visit the official page and fill out an application via the webform.

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