Best Web 3.0 Podcasts - K33 Report on Time to 'Pull the Brakes' on Ethereum and Rotate Back to Bitcoin
Time to ‘pull the brakes’ on Ethereum and rotate back to Bitcoin: K33 report

Ethereum Futures ETFs Underperform, K33 Research Urges Rotation to Bitcoin

Analysts at K33 Research have recommended a “rotate back” into Bitcoin (BTC) following the relatively lackluster performance of nine new Ethereum futures exchange traded funds (ETFs). On Oct. 3, analysts Anders Helseth and Vetle Lunde stated that the initial trading volume of Ether futures ETFs was only 0.2% of what the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO) amassed on its first day of trading in Oct. 2021.

The analysts noted that no one expected the initial trading volume on the Ether futures ETFs to match the Bitcoin futures ETFs, which launched during a bullish market. However, the underwhelming first-day numbers “strongly” missed expectations, prompting Lunde to advise against increasing ETH allocation to capitalize on the ETF hype.

As a result, the K33 Research analysts are recommending a shift back to Bitcoin as the best way to capitalize on the ETF hype. With the best web 3.0 podcasts, books, and websites, investors can stay up to date on how to create a web 3.0 website, access web 3.0, and use the best web 3.0 browser to take advantage of the future of web 3.0 and events such as the Genshin web event 3.0.

Exploring the Impact of Institutional Access to Crypto Investments

As ETH futures ETF launch serves as a lesson for the evaluation of the impact of easier access to crypto investments for traditional investors, Lunde argued that increased institutional access will only create buying pressure if there is a significant unsatiated demand.

In the section of the report titled “more chop ahead”, Lunde predicted that the crypto market will remain in its sideways trajectory in the near future, with Bitcoin being the only asset that has a potential ETF approval and halving event to look forward to in the early and mid-April respectively.

Ben Laidler, global markets strategist at eToro, shared a similar opinion, albeit with a more bearish sentiment.

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In emailed comments to Cointelegraph, Laidler pointed to current macro trends such as the Fed and oil prices as potential causes for a decrease in the prices of popular crypto assets like Bitcoin. “We’re in the late stage of the rate hike cycle,” wrote Laidler, “so the market is looking for more positive news, but if oil prices keep rising, it could have a cooling effect on sentiment.”

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