Apple to delist Nostr-based Damus app for Bitcoin tip feature

The Apple App Store could potentially remove Damus, a decentralized social media app, due to its Bitcoin (BTC) tipping feature.

On June 13, the people responsible for Damus posted a cautionary letter from Apple, notifying them that the app would be taken off the platform due to the “Zaps” feature that enabled people to give tips and remuneration to users and content creators in Bitcoin. This feature was enabled by adding the Lighting Network widget to the platform, making it possible to make Bitcoin payments and tips.

In its warning, Apple declared that the Zaps feature violates its policy against any kind of tipping feature apart from in-app purchases. The tech giant specified that even though the tipping feature may be optional, “it must still be implemented using in-app purchase in accordance with guideline 3.1.1 if it is linked to or associated with the delivery of digital content.”

The Damus team deemed it a landmark occasion with major consequences for networks with peer-to-peer (P2P) capabilities. The team further clarified that Damus does not trade digital commodities or offer functions for exchanging digital merchandise. It simply has tip switches for facilitating P2P transactions such as Venmo or Cash App.

Crypto tipping, which enables peer-to-peer transactions that don’t need an intermediary to process, has become quite widespread on social media websites such as Twitter and Reddit. In 2015, Apple even authorized the “Game of Birds” application with Bitcoin tipping.

Walker, who goes by the Twitter name ‘One Nostr’, pointed out that Apple had incorrectly targeted Damus with their Zaps issue, as they are not selling any digital content. The creator asked Apple to fix this mistake.

A Bitcoin self-custody advocate has outlined why on-ramps are a crucial factor in the adoption of the cryptocurrency.

Many crypto advocates have queried why Twitter tips are allowed while the same feature on Damus breaches Apple’s regulations. Others have charged Apple with safeguarding the interests of Silicon Valley.

The magazine states that Bitcoin is heading towards a goal of achieving “Net Zero” commitments.

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