Crypto firms won’t leave US despite apparent hostility: Merkle Science CEO

The United States Will Not Be Losing Its Appeal as a Center for Cryptocurrencies

In spite of recent stories implying the opposite, the United States will not be losing its appeal as a center for cryptocurrencies, according to the head of blockchain analytics firm Merkle Science.

In the past few months, numerous adverse regulatory measures taken against crypto businesses in the United States have caused many of the leading crypto leaders to look elsewhere.

Despite this, Mriganka Pattnaik, the co-founder and CEO of Merkle Science, is optimistic that crypto activity will stay in the country for the foreseeable future.

Pattnaik observed that India, China, and the United Arab Emirates have powerful consumer markets, but the United States has an even higher degree of innovation and a larger reservoir of talent.

Pattnaik also attributed the likely choice of US-based crypto firms to keep the majority of their operations in the country to the “general market dynamics” of the American economy, with a particular emphasis on the clarity of taxation.

The Need for Clarity in US Crypto Regulation

Recent actions taken by American regulators, particularly the Securities and Exchange Commission in regards to crypto companies, have caused a narrative of “innovation” to move abroad. Following the collapse of FTX, Coinbase’s CEO Brian Armstrong attributed the shift of “95% of trading activity” away from the United States to the lack of clear regulations.

On April 18, Armstrong suggested that Coinbase might contemplate moving its headquarters to the United Kingdom.

Pattnaik conceded that the government’s recent policy decisions and the punitive actions taken against Coinbase and Binance are certainly severe, but he believes this has been a “hyper-response” to the events surrounding FTX.

“He also said that in time, the situation will become more stable and there will be a greater level of understanding in the United States.”

The crypto industry is “destined” to focus on Bitcoin due to regulators, according to Michael Saylor.

Not surprisingly, not everyone is in agreement with Pattnaik.

Gemini and the Winklevoss Twins’ Move to the UAE

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Alex Chehade, General Manager of Binance Dubai, declared that all major crypto companies, especially those in the US, are in dire need of clear and consistent regulation.

Earlier this year, Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, asserted that the crypto industry had already begun to shift away from the U.S. due to its lagging regulatory approach in comparison to other crypto-friendly nations such as Singapore, the UAE, and Switzerland.

It was announced on March 20th that over 80 companies from various countries had submitted applications for a crypto services license in Hong Kong, as the region seeks to establish itself as a premier Web3 center.

Several months after, on June 1, the crypto exchange owned by the Winklevoss twins, Gemini, declared their intention to obtain a crypto services license in the United Arab Emirates. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss mentioned the “hostility and lack of clarity” regarding crypto regulation in the United States as the motivation for their decision.

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