Limited generative AI usage to be allowed in Japanese schools

Japanese Ministry of Education to Allow Generative AI in Classrooms

The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology intends to permit schools from elementary to high school level to utilize generative artificial intelligence (AI) in classrooms in a restricted manner.

A source close to the issue has reportedly informed a local news outlet that generative AI tools, such as the renowned chatbot ChatGPT, will be permitted to support in-class conversations and creative projects, along with other applications.

Officials stated that the widespread application of AI tools would not be permitted and that they plan to provide instructions for schools to adhere to by July.

The draft guidelines emphasize the importance of cultivating the capacity to wisely utilize generative AI and suggest beginning with the technology while imposing restrictions.

The guidelines also emphasize that teachers must make it clear to students that using AI for examinations or assignments will be viewed as cheating. Furthermore, teachers and students are urged to be aware of the data they input into AI systems.

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Survey Reveals 69.4% of Japanese Voters Want Stricter Regulations for AI

The Japanese Education Ministry’s declaration comes as authorities in the nation grapple with how to manage and put into practice the technology on a national scale.

When countries like Italy banned OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot and other doubts about its use arose, Japanese officials initially expressed their approval of the technology.

Subsequently, Japanese legislator Takashi Kii advocated for laws that would safeguard copyright owners from AI violation. The following day, legislators in Japan cautioned OpenAI about its data gathering practices and asked them to take care to minimize the sensitive information they acquire.

In April, a survey of a limited group of qualified voters in Japan revealed that 69.4% of them desired more stringent regulations for the development and implementation of AI.

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