Crypto Trading Today - FTX Clients Face Deceptive Priority Withdrawal Scam
FTX clients face deceptive priority withdrawal scam

Crypto Trading Now: FTX Users Targeted in Withdrawal Scam

FTX users have been targeted in a withdrawal scam, as warned by X (formerly Twitter) user and FTX creditor advocate Sunil. He urged FTX account holders to avoid clicking on any dubious links, highlighting the ever-evolving tactics online scammers employ.

Fraudulent emails, purportedly sent by FTX Trading, West Realm Shires Services and FTX EU, have been sent to FTX users. These emails falsely offer an exclusive chance to bypass waiting periods and legal proceedings for immediate asset withdrawals. One example reads:

The scam appears to target users who are keen to withdraw assets amid the ongoing legal disputes involving Sam Bankman-Fried, the former CEO of the exchange.

The scam became known shortly after FTX creditors marked a remarkable achievement by announcing the resolution of customer assets conflicts.

If the bankruptcy court approves the modified plan, it will bring significant comfort to FTX’s worldwide customer base. According to the proposition, customers will receive more than 90% of the distributable crypto legal value.

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