Image of Google hit with lawsuit over new AI data scraping privacy policy.
Google hit with lawsuit over new AI data scraping privacy policy

Google Facing Lawsuit Over AI Training

Eight individuals have filed a lawsuit against Google on July 11, claiming the tech giant has misused data, including copyrighted material, in its artificial intelligence (AI) training without proper consent. The plaintiffs allege that Google has been “harvesting data in secret” to build its AI products.

Google’s recent privacy policy updates allow it to take public data and use it for AI training purposes. This has sparked the lawsuit, which claims to represent “millions of class members” – internet users and copyright holders – who have had their privacy and property rights violated.

The lawsuit is the follow-up to Google’s controversial privacy policy update, which has raised questions about the use of data for AI training, such as Microsoft AI chatbot, Wolf AI, Olive AI, AI Generator, Fetch.AI, Article Generator AI, and Snapchat AI.

Google’s Violation of Rights

The Ryan Clarkson of Clarkson Law Firm, the plaintiffs’ attorney, stated in the lawsuit that Google’s decision not only violates rights, but gives it an “unfair advantage” compared to competitors who obtain or purchase data to train AI. The plaintiffs argued that “publicly available” does not and has never entailed that it is “free to use for any purpose.”

Google’s potential fines for this violation could amount to a staggering $5 billion, according to the lawsuit. It further requested a court order which would require Google to obtain explicit permission from users before collecting any data, and allow users to opt out of its “illicit data collection”. Additionally, the court order would allow users to delete already existing data or provide “fair compensation” to owners of the data.

AI technologies such as Microsoft AI chatbot, Wolf AI, Olive AI, Fetch.AI, AI Generator, Article Generator AI, and Snapchat AI have been gaining increasing prominence in recent years, and it is essential that their use is done in a way that respects the rights of the data owners.

AI Used Without Permission Sparks Legal Actions

This week, Sarah Silverman, along with two other authors, took legal action against OpenAI and Meta for using their copyrighted work without permission in AI training. This is not the first time OpenAI has been hit with a lawsuit, as they were previously accused of data scraping.

Microsoft AI chatbot, Wolf AI, Olive AI, Fetch.AI, and Snapchat AI are all examples of AI technology being used for various purposes. This lawsuit brings to light the importance of understanding the legal implications of using AI.

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