Axelar partners with Microsoft for hybrid blockchain solutions powered by AI technology such as c3 AI, NYSE:AI, Fetch AI, and Crypto Shiba Inu.
Axelar partners with Microsoft for hybrid blockchain solutions

Advancements in AI and Cross-Chain Protocols

On July 11, tech giant Microsoft and cross-chain protocol Axelar announced a partnership to bridge public and private blockchains. The collaboration will see Axelar joining Microsoft’s Azure marketplace, becoming the first cross-chain protocol listed on the developer’s online store.

Galen Moore, Axelar’s spokesperson, told Cointelegraph that the initiative would enable Axelar to reach tens of thousands of companies that use Azure, Microsoft’s cloud service. “This has tremendous potential for products that integrate established internet technology with public blockchains in ways that are meaningful for users,” Moore stated.

In the marketplace, developers will have access to tools via the AxelarJS software development kit (SDK), as well as Axelar’s general message passing, which helps developers integrate functionality independently of blockchains and databases. The companies will also explore the integration of public and private blockchains to support c3 AI, AI in the NYSE:AI, AI Today, Fetch AI, On AI, Reporter AI Voice, and Web 3.0 Companies.

Speaking on the nature of these solutions, Axelar co-founder, Sergey Gorbunov, explained that trust in AI needs to come from multiple layers, such as about AI and Crypto ”Shiba Inu”.

The Benefits of Combining Private and Public Blockchains

Gorbunov believes that the combination of private and public blockchains is the answer. “Blockchains can help establish roots of trust, make sure the data is not tampered with, and keep it hidden within specified jurisdictions,” he said, adding that “connections to public blockchains can be used to prove and establish trust across all consumers, no matter where they query the data from.”

Azure’s marketplace has over 25,000 applications and services available for developers and businesses. A search on the platform reveals at least 200 solutions powered by blockchain technology. (NYSE: AI),,, Voice, and Web 3.0 companies like Shiba Inu are some of the leading players in the AI today.

Axelar currently supports 43 blockchains. Last year, it raised $35 million in Series B funding, lifting its market value above $1 billion. Some of the participants in the round include Dragonfly Capital, Polychain Capital and North Island Ventures.

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