ZkDay comes to Paris on July 19: A marquee ZK conference amid EthCC

ZK Community Conference: zkDay Paris

The ZK community conference, zkDay Paris, is being hosted by Manta Network, a ZK layer-1 blockchain, and investment firm Polychain Capital, in conjunction with Cointelegraph. This event is taking place on July 19, from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm Central European Time, and is the latest in a series of ZK projects that have been spreading across the world, following the success of zkDay Denver.

At zkDay Paris, there will be booths, networking opportunities, keynote speakers, venture capital presentations, and panel discussions with the most influential figures in the crypto and ZK fields. Those interested in speaking at the event can apply on the zkDay website. Furthermore, the event will provide a Tech Room where attendees can participate in up to 10 ZK workshops.

Sign up to attend zkDay Paris on July 19 at no cost.

zkPitch Day: Five-Figure Prize Pool

The upcoming ZK event features a pitch contest with a substantial prize pool worth five figures. Startups in their early stages are eligible to apply through the form provided on the official zkDay website. The organizers anticipate showcasing a minimum of 10 early-stage ZK projects at zkPitch Day.

The agenda for the zkPitch Day will be revealed prior to the event, and the organizers have stated that they will be searching for a variety of groups to join: “We are looking for the most outstanding ZK projects, from those just beginning to fundraise to those who have recently finished their seed round.”

The ZK projects at zkDay Paris were sponsored by a number of companies, with Foresight Ventures, a Web3-focused investment firm, and Polyhedra Network, a provider of Web3 interoperability infrastructure, acting as platinum sponsors and contributing to the five-figure prize pool.

Paris is expecting to bring together at least 25 community partners and speakers from Manta Network, Foresight Ventures, Polyhedra Network, Figment Capital, Hyper Oracle and LambdaClass, as well as from companies such as Aztec and Worldcoin among others.

Following the success of zkDay Denver, the largest side event of ETHDenver with over 3,000 attendees, zkDay Paris arrives. The conference will feature ZK projects ranging from those just beginning their fundraising efforts to those that have recently finished their seed round.

Keep an eye on the official conference website and Twitter account for the most recent updates and announcements.

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