Crypto mass adoption is coming, but how fast?

Cryptocurrencies Need Widespread Acceptance to Reach Their Full Potential

Cryptocurrencies need to be widely accepted in order to reach their full potential as a network technology and to realize their worth as financial assets.

The uptake of crypto follows the same pattern as other technologies, resembling a bell curve: It begins with a small group of innovators, then increases with the early adopters, before reaching mass adoption with the early and late majority. Eventually, it culminates with the laggards.

Since its inception 14 years ago, the adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) has grown exponentially. What began as a topic of conversation among a small group of cypherpunks and tech-savvy individuals has become a globally-recognized phenomenon, with some countries even recognizing it as a legitimate form of currency.

Most estimates suggest that the global adoption rate of crypto is still in the low single digits, indicating that it is still in the early stages of global adoption.

What Triggers Are Driving Crypto Towards Mass Adoption?

In order to expand and gain true widespread acceptance, cryptocurrencies must bridge the divide between early adopters and the early majority. To accomplish this, certain triggers may be necessary.

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