Immutable’s Gods Unchained launches on Epic Games Store

Gods Unchained Now Available on Epic Games Store

Gods Unchained, the Web3 trading card game from Immutable Games, is now available on the Epic Games Store for its 230 million customers, as announced on June 21.

Gods Unchained, a collectible trading card game akin to Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering Arena, was launched in June 2019 and has since seen its player base expand to 80,000 weekly active players by January 2022. The cards are represented by nonfungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum layer-2 network Immutable X, allowing players to own and trade them.

The Epic Games Store, a digital game distribution platform akin to Steam and, is used by over 230 million PC gamers, according to the developer’s “2022 Year in Review” post from March.

Daniel Paez, the executive producer of Gods Unchained, views the Epic Games listing as a major milestone for the game. “It’s difficult to overstate the magnitude of Gods Unchained being released on Epic Games Store, one of the biggest PC gaming platforms in the world,” he said. “We are extremely thrilled to show our game to a brand-new and enormous crowd of classic PC players and trading card game fans.”

What are Web3 Games and How Do They Function?

The announcement of the listing arrives as Web3 publishers are still fighting back against Steam, the biggest PC game distributor in the world. In October 2021, Steam declared that Web3 games were not allowed on its platform and removed Age of Rust from its store due to the advantages it gave to people who owned its NFTs.

In March, ex-employees of MetaMask created Hyperplay, a competing distribution platform, as a response to Steam’s activity. Hyperplay allows for access to Epic Games and stores from its interface, in addition to its own selection of Web3 titles. On June 8, the Hyperplay team raised $12 million to continue to grow the platform and broaden its coverage.

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