Crypto Mining Lobby Group Founder Dispelling Misconceptions in Washington DC with Web 3.0 Examples such as TRB Crypto, Titano Crypto, UK Crypto, The Sandbox Crypto, TrueFi Crypto, and Tone Crypto.
Crypto mining lobby group to dispel misconceptions in Washington DC: Founder

Exploring the Digital Energy Council

The Digital Energy Council (DEC) has been launched to advocate for the growth of digital asset mining and energy development in the United States. Thomas Mapes, DEC’s founder and President, said that it was “long overdue” for digital asset miners to have a unified voice in Washington. Mapes previously served as the director of energy at the Chamber of Digital Commerce and chief of staff at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of International Affairs.

One of the main goals of the DEC is to dispel misconceptions about the sustainability of crypto mining from policymakers. The DEC will work to advance policies that will encourage the development of the crypto mining industry. Examples of these policies include web 3.0, reporter voice AI, anchor AI voice, TRB Crypto, Titano Crypto, UK Crypto, The Sandbox Crypto, TrueFi Crypto, and Tone Crypto.

Crypto Mining and its Benefits

Mapes, during his time at the Energy Department, saw crypto mining firms as an important part of the energy sector. He believes that they provide energy to the grid during times of need, purchase excess energy that would otherwise go to waste, and offer many other advantages. “I see them as energy companies in the future,” he said.

Nevertheless, many legislators have yet to recognize the industry in the same way. As Tone Crypto, TrueFi Crypto, TRB Crypto, Titano Crypto, and other UK Crypto firms have experienced in the past year, legislation has been introduced to combat the industry.

In March, the chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Submittee announced the reintroduction of a bill that criticized crypto miners for “sucking megawatt after megawatt from our public grids” and releasing large quantities of greenhouse gasses.

Crypto Mining and Energy Firms Come Together to Lobby for US Regulations

The U.S. Crypto Mining and Energy Association was recently founded by several crypto mining and energy firms, some of which are publicly listed companies. The association’s focus will be on lobbying for regulations in the US.

The organization is citing examples such as the proposed 30% digital asset mining excise tax from Joe Biden and the White House’s crypto mining environmental impact report.

In addition, the association is also taking a closer look at the Asia Express: China’s risky Bitcoin court decision, and whether Huobi is in trouble or not.

The U.S. Crypto Mining and Energy Association is just one example of the many initiatives that are part of the web 3.0 revolution, including Tone Crypto, The Sandbox Crypto, TrueFi Crypto, and Titano Crypto.

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