Tether and Bitfinex pledge $100K grant for private operating system

Tether Operations Limited and Bitfinex Allocate USDT Grant to Qubes OS

On June 20, Tether Operations Limited – the company behind the US dollar-backed stablecoin Tether (USDT) – in collaboration with the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex, declared the allocation of a 100,000 USDT grant to back the open-source privacy operating system Qubes OS. Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Tether and Bitfinex, commented:

Overview of Qubes OS and Edward Snowden’s Opinion

Developers have reported that Qubes OS has been widely acknowledged by Bitcoin (BTC) supporters and libertarians for its security infrastructure and strategies of preserving user privacy. This OS utilizes Xen-based virtualization to divide disparate tasks and programs into distinct virtual machines, referred to as “qubes”, for additional defense when dealing with financial transactions, accessing confidential data or secure communication.

On September 29, 2016, Edward Snowden, an American-Russian intelligence consultant and whistleblower, expressed his opinion that Qubes OS is the most secure operating system available at present. Snowden himself utilizes the free system, which is renowned for its usage of virtualization techniques to provide privacy by isolating various software as if they were installed on distinct physical machines. This is stated on the Qubes OS website.

Binance and Coinbase are headed to court, and the SEC has designated 67 crypto-securities as securities.

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