Bitcoin evangelist Joe Hall tells The Agenda why he thinks BTC will conquer the world

“There is a major issue with the marketing of Bitcoin.”

Joe Hall, a Bitcoin (BTC) advocate and Cointelegraph reporter, was posed the question of what the weaknesses and strengths of the popular cryptocurrency were, and that was the first thing that came to his mind.

Despite not considering himself a “Bitcoin maximalist,” Hall is of the opinion that most individuals – even those who have been in the crypto space for a long time – are remarkably unaware of what Bitcoin is capable of; due to this, he has doubts about the necessity and prospects of the majority of altcoin projects.

Hall demonstrated his argument by requesting that Jonathan DeYoung and Ray Salmond, the co-hosts, open their Bitcoin Lightning wallets to accept the equivalent of $5 in satoshis. After DeYoung installed the wallet and received the payment, both co-hosts were astonished at the rate of the transaction.

In Episode 13 of The Agenda podcast, Salmond and DeYoung conversed with Hall regarding his opinions on the adoption of Bitcoin and its “marketing problem”, his ultimate dream of how Bitcoin might eventually take over the financial sector, and how his role as a Bitcoin promoter has linked him with people from all over the globe.

It’s more than just money

Hall maintains that Bitcoin is more than just a currency; it is a revolution, a way of life, a unifying force, and a creator of community.

Hall stated.

Hall has decided to only use Bitcoin for day-to-day expenses, except when he has to pay European Union taxes. When asked why he is such a strong advocate for the digital currency, Hall stated, “We can’t exist in a world that is driven by unbridled growth when we only have one finite and irreplaceable planet.”

To find out more from the discussion between Hall and The Agenda, including his outlook for Bitcoin and his interest in the Lightning Network, listen to the full episode on Cointelegraph’s Podcasts page, Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Additionally, don’t forget to check out the other shows Cointelegraph has to offer!

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