Is Web3 messaging going to replace WhatsApp and iMessage? Co-founder of XMTP explains

Web3 Messaging: An Overview

In episode 24 of Hashing It Out, Shane Mac, co-founder of XMTP — an open protocol and network for secure Web3 messaging — explains the differences between Web2 and Web3 messaging. He believes that Web3 messaging offers a unique utility for users that Web2 messaging cannot, as it allows users to store conversations and connections on their private keys, giving them full control over their information and how they interact on the internet.

Prior to XMTP, Shane founded Assist, which built the first business messaging for Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Google Business Messaging, and SMS. He explains that messaging must evolve based on new identities, such as phone messages (SMS) built around mobile numbers, and new social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram which come with new identities. He believes that Web3 offers a new form of identity where people have wealth and personality tied to wallet addresses, and that this new form of identity mixed with messaging is a “huge innovation” and a “huge opportunity.”

Elisha GhCryptoGuy asked Mac if Web3 messaging was more than just a gimmick with Web3 branding. Mac responded that Web3 messaging offers a unique utility compared to Web2 messaging, and could spark major adoption for the entire industry moving forward, despite current user experience limitations.

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