Ubisoft Developing Web3 Gaming Experience With Immutable Crypto Technology
AAA studio Ubisoft to develop Web3 gaming experience with Immutable

Ubisoft and Immutable Join Forces for Web3 Games

AAA gaming studio Ubisoft has formed a partnership with blockchain game firm Immutable to develop Web3 games through its Strategic Innovation Lab.

In an announcement shared with Cointelegraph, the companies revealed that they will combine their respective expertise to bring mainstream gaming quality and Web3-enabled functionality together.

Nicolas Pouard, who is responsible for Ubisoft’s blockchain initiatives, noted that Immutable’s existing blockchain infrastructure and its experience integrating decentralized features into games were the main reasons for the crypto partnership.

Immutable co-founder and CEO James Ferguson added that the collaboration marks a significant milestone for the Web3 gaming industry.

Crypto Partnership and Web3 Benefits

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Ubisoft and leverage the advantages of Web3 and digital ownership for players. We will apply the full potential of our ecosystem to guarantee the success of this partnership,” said Ferguson.

The alliance follows the successful demonstrations of Immutable’s flagship titles, such as Guild of Guardians, Metalcore, Shardbound, and Infinite Victory. These games offer gamers a variety of genres that feature defining Web3 characteristics, like immutable ownership of in-game assets.

Recently, Immutable also launched the test network of its zero-knowledge (ZK) rollup gaming solution Immutable zkEVM. ZK-rollups have been in the spotlight this year as a significant layer-2 Ethereum scaling technology that allows for high-throughput and low-cost transactions for decentralized applications, services, and solutions.

The firm has already rolled out two different ZK-based scaling solutions, including Immutable zkEVM, which works on Ethereum layer-2 Polygon, as well as Immutable X, a separate rollup solution developed by ZK pioneers StarkWare.

Immutable’s gaming platform offers the necessary infrastructure for gaming studios to create games powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

As 2024 approaches, web3 games are starting to become more visible in the mainstream gaming industry. Cointelegraph recently reported that Illuvium Labs’ main title, Illuvium, will be released on the well-known Epic Games Store on November 28, which is home to popular games like Fortnite.

The fight for crypto is intensifying, as more and more digital asset crypto platforms are emerging. AI technology is also playing an important role in the crypto space. The difference between web3 and web 3.0 is significant, and it is important to understand the nuances when talking about crypto sell offs and crypto partnerships.

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