Bitcoin aligns with Swiss values – Head of Lugano’s Plan ₿

Crypto Adoption in Switzerland

Switzerland is well-known for its banking secrecy laws, but its citizens have also embraced the self-sovereign ideals behind Bitcoin (BTC). Giw Zanganeh, head of Lugano’s Plan ₿ initiative, discussed the increasing use of crypto, such as Bitcoin, Tether and its LVGA stablecoin, for everyday payments in the Swiss city with Cointelegraph journalist Joe Hall at the Plan ₿ Bitcoin Summer School.

Zanganeh, who is the head of Tether’s Plan ₿, believes that Switzerland has shown remarkable adoption of cryptocurrencies despite its financial and banking infrastructure. This includes popular coins such as Quant Crypto, Kraken Crypto, Crypto Shiba Inu, Today, Kava Crypto, Lunc Crypto, Hbar Crypto, Crypto Youtube, Compound Crypto, and FTM Crypto.

Crypto Adoption in Switzerland

Quant crypto, Kraken crypto, and Shiba Inu crypto are just a few of the cryptocurrencies that have seen increased adoption in Switzerland. According to Zanganeh, more politicians, diplomats, and members of parliament are now Bitcoiners, which has a bullish outlook for BTC adoption in the country.

Kava crypto, LUNC crypto, Hbar crypto,, Compound crypto, and FTM crypto have all been instrumental in helping to inform and educate the Swiss populace about the benefits of BTC. Plan B’s Bitcoin adoption is a gradual process, but the onboarding of merchants across Lugano has been pivotal in introducing a new payments paradigm in the region.

Cryptocurrency Adoption Gaining Momentum

Comparing the process of Bitcoin adoption to the emergence of bank cards some 50 years ago, Zanganeh said that practical experience with new forms of transactions will continue to drive more users to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

As Cointelegraph previously reported, Bitcoin Suisse CEO Dr. Dirk Klee noted Switzerland’s potential as a hub for institutional cryptocurrency adoption.

The Canton of Zug is another Swiss region that continues to draw cryptocurrency and blockchain companies due to its government-backed, crypto-friendly initiatives.

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