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Ripple CTO seeks community consensus for XRPL AMM feature adoption

The Benefits of Automated Market Maker (AMM) Feature on XRP Ledger

Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer David Schwartz has expressed his support for the XRP Ledger (XRPL) validators to adopt an automated market maker (AMM) feature, provided that there is consensus within the community.

Schwartz recently took to X (formerly Twitter) to discuss the XRPL’s AMM feature, which he considers to be an integral part of decentralized finance. The XRP Ledger is a decentralized blockchain with XRP (XRP) as its native asset, renowned for its speed and scalability, making it ideal for various financial applications, including cross-border payments and remittances.

In response to a question about the timeline for AMMs going live on the XRPL after governance voting, Schwartz suggested that if the majority of the community agrees to the amendment, the changes could be implemented in as little as two weeks.

Best Crypto Apps and AI Technology

Recently, Schwartz discussed the importance of a majority vote and suggested that validators should not vote independently until a consensus has been reached and sufficient nodes endorse the adjustment. He is well-known for his informative articles and dedication to decentralization, and also clarified misconceptions about the clawback feature, which is designed to protect developers from potential legal issues.

In addition, the release of rippled version 1.12.0 brought the AMM feature, which allows for the integration of the XRPL decentralized exchange. This feature has been highly praised, but it is not limited to introducing a new trading engine; it also enables users to access the best crypto apps, such as the best crypto app iOS and the best crypto app Reddit.

Furthermore, AI written articles are becoming increasingly popular, and the best crypto aggregator and best crypto API are being utilized to provide users with the latest information about AI technology. Therefore, it is evident that the introduction of the AMM feature has been beneficial for the XRPL decentralized exchange.

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