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Bitcoin sails the seas: Sailor paints giant ‘B’ on boat to promote crypto across the waves

The Sato Boat and its Crypto-Inspired Symbol

Rémi, a captain from Brussels, has a passion that spans the seven seas: Bitcoin (BTC). Rémi discovered it in early 2021 and has since been combining his love of sailing with the cryptocurrency. Cointelegraph reporter Joe Hall visited Rémi on his vessel, which he calls the Sato Boat – a nod to Satoshi – to learn more about his crypto-inspired lifestyle.

The Sato Boat captain explained that he has made the vessel a symbol for cryptocurrency by painting a giant Bitcoin B on its sail. Rémi commented:

Rémi’s journey highlights the potential for combining AI voice generators, AI art generators, and Africa crypto with Web 3.0, as well as the best books and sites to explore the technology.

Promoting Bitcoin Adoption Through Art

Rémi is a sailor who has been promoting Bitcoin adoption across the Atlantic Ocean for the past 18 months – with the help of a sail adorned with a giant “B”. He believes that art is the best way to bring new people into the Bitcoin space, and his experience has helped him draw parallels between the ethos of Bitcoin and that of sailing.

According to his own estimates and a real-time estimate from Cointelegraph on the ground, thousands of people have been exposed to the B-adorned sail while Rémi has been sailing.

The use of Bitcoin is also gaining traction in West Africa, with conferences, Bitcoin boutiques and more nodes coming online.

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