Shiba Wings customers love the food, not so much the crypto, says owner

Shiba Wings Welcomes Customers to Sample Its Delicious Fried Treats

Since its grand opening in March, Shiba Wings, an Australian fast-food diner, has welcomed numerous customers to sample its delicious fried treats.

Although they have an appetite for it, they have yet to embrace crypto payments.

The diner, themed around the Shiba Inu (SHIB), opened its doors in Surfers Paradise, the beachside city of Australia, on March 18th, 2023.

Speaking with Cointelegraph, the anonymous proprietor of the diner, “Elijah,” reported that in their inaugural week they received approximately $168 (250 AUD) in crypto payments. Nevertheless, in the subsequent months, the amount of crypto payments decreased to an average of around $34 (50 AUD) each week.

Most of these payments have been Shiba Inu, followed by Dogecoin and then Cardano.

Elijah, however, does not view this as a problem, emphasizing that cryptocurrency payments are not the main purpose of the business. Rather, Elijah stated that he is more focused on providing excellent food and developing the Shiba Wings name.

Elijah suggested, “I would advise people not to use a lot of cryptocurrency here. It’s probably not the best coin to use to pay for food, so it’s better to use a different one that you have more of.”

Shiba Wings to Launch NFT, Token, and Quasi-Shareholders Program

Elijah declared that his aim was to employ the crypto element to construct a fast food chain that could rival McDonalds, mainly by capitalizing on the Shiba Inu brand.

The Shiba Inu fanbase is widespread and global. As of this writing, the Twitter accounts for the Shiba Inu Token and Shib Army have a collective following of over 4.1 million people.

Elijah stated that he had acquired the Intellectual Property rights to Shiba Inu in Australia, and he intends to utilize the ownership of the logo and related branding elements to set up a number of Shiba Wings outlets by the end of the year.

“My aim is to develop a new fast food franchise to rival Maccas, but with a completely distinct atmosphere and approach, introducing cryptocurrency as a revolutionary element in the fast food industry.”

Elijah also highlighted Shiba Wings’ forthcoming NFT launch, which will give holders a stake in the company. Elijah stated that the NFT rollout will provide “15% ownership of each restaurant to the community,” essentially making them quasi-shareholders who will receive quarterly dividends.

He stated that there will be a distinct Shiba Wings token that will give holders advantages when shopping.

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