OpenAI CTO’s Twitter hacked, shilling ‘scam’ crypto airdrop

On June 2, Crypto Twitter was inundated with alerts from users after the Twitter account of Mira Murati, the CTO of OpenAI, an artificial intelligence company, appeared to have been hacked to promote a fraudulent cryptocurrency airdrop.

On June 2, a tweet from Murati’s account featured what seemed to be a phishing link that promised an airdrop of a supposed ERC-20 token called OPENAI, which had been named after the company that developed ChatGPT.

Murati has 126,200 followers on Twitter and holds a verified account on the social media platform. The post was visible for approximately one hour and viewed 79,600 times and retweeted 83 times before it was removed.

The tweet’s author had limited who could respond to the tweet, thus preventing others from quickly alerting that the link was a scam.

How can users protect themselves from crypto phishing scams?

Some Twitter users speculate that Murati may have been targeted in a SIM-swapping attack.

The website mentioned in the tweet appears to be a sophisticated replication of the layout and design of a genuine project known as ChainGPT, with only a slight alteration – mainly the necessity to link a cryptocurrency wallet.

A security researcher from Beosin, a blockchain security company, informed Cointelegraph that the website utilizes a crypto wallet draining kit that “attracts visitors to sign requests.”

Once the request has been signed, the attacker will move both NFTs and ERC-20 tokens away from the victim’s wallet, according to a researcher from Beosin.

Cointelegraph attempted to reach out to Murati and OpenAI in order to inquire about the security breach of the Twitter account, but no immediate reply was received.

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