North Carolina House passes bill to commission study on holding Bitcoin

North Carolina House Passes Bill to Study Bitcoin Hodling

The North Carolina House of Representatives has passed a bill that will require the North Carolina State Treasurer to study the potential benefits of Bitcoin hodling. The bill is intended to explore the potential of Bitcoin as an investment vehicle for the state.

The bill, which was introduced by Rep. Jason Saine, requires the state treasurer to study the potential benefits of investing in Bitcoin, as well as the risks associated with such an investment. The study must include an analysis of the potential impact of Bitcoin on the state’s economy, as well as the potential for Bitcoin to be used as a store of value.

The bill also requires the state treasurer to report to the North Carolina General Assembly on their findings within six months of the bill’s passage. If the study finds that there are potential benefits to investing in Bitcoin, the state treasurer will be required to make recommendations on how the state should proceed.

The bill is a sign that North Carolina is taking a serious look at the potential of Bitcoin as an investment vehicle. While the bill does not guarantee that the state will invest in Bitcoin, it is a step in the right direction and could lead to the state investing in the cryptocurrency in the future.

Potential Benefits of Bitcoin Hodling

The bill seeks to explore the potential benefits of Bitcoin hodling, such as diversification of investments, potential for appreciation, and the potential for hedging against inflation.

The study will also look into the risks associated with Bitcoin hodling, such as volatility, security, and regulatory uncertainty.

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