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Google Play Store officially allows NFT games, but no gambling: Nifty Newsletter, July 12–18

This week, Google Play has opened its doors to nonfungible token (NFT) games with certain restrictions. Dapper Labs has gone through its third round of layoffs, while a blockchain gaming startup has implemented an automated refund system for NFT purchases. Additionally, the Sui Network has seen a recent surge in daily transaction volumes due to a blockchain-based game. Don’t forget to read this week’s Nifty News, featuring Bank of America’s venture into the web 3.0 metaverse for employee training.

Google Play Store officially allows NFT games, but not gambling ones

The Google Play Store recently released new blockchain-based content regulations, which include the allowance of NFT games. The company stated that the new policies are designed to “open up new possibilities to transact blockchain-based digital content” within applications and games.

Despite being open to NFTs and blockchain gaming content, the company also made it clear that developers have to explicitly mention the feature in their game descriptions. Gambling is not accepted.

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Dapper Labs makes third round of cuts in 9 months amid NFT slump

NFT company Dapper Labs has announced another round of layoffs, cutting 51 more employees from its team. To remain agile and effective, the decision was deemed necessary.

The latest layoff is the third time the firm has reduced its staff in less than a year. Back in November 2022, the company trimmed 22% of its employees, and in February 2023, staff was cut by 20%.

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Blockchain gaming platform creates refundable NFT program

Spielworks, a blockchain gaming startup, and Web3 platform Mycelium Network have joined forces to create a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project that enables automated refunds for NFT purchases. The smart contract allows for users to receive their refunds with just one click, exchanging their NFTs for a pool of funds.

In addition, those who acquire the NFTs will also be able to use them within a blockchain game, providing players with material drops and mining power.

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A simple tile game is spiking daily txs on Sui Network — Data platform

Sui 8192, an on-chain tile-sliding game, has caused a massive surge in daily transactions on the Sui Network. According to an on-chain analytics platform, the game has even surpassed Solana in terms of daily transactions.

At each game instance, a new object is minted. This process is similar to minting NFTs. Moreover, every move within the game is recorded as a transaction and requires gas.

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Nifty News: Web 3.0 Metaverse bank robberies, Trump NFT biz prefers crypto over cash and more

The Bank of America is leveraging web 3.0 metaverse and artificial intelligence technology to instruct its personnel to handle bank robberies or disgruntled customers. On the other hand, Donald Trump’s NFT business is storing its funds on Ethereum, with disclosures indicating nothing on its bank account.

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