Kraken fixes gateway issues after brief delay in withdrawals

Kraken has resolved the issues pertaining to the gateway and operations have resumed to their regular state as of 8:35 am UTC.

Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange, conducted an inquiry regarding certain crypto funding gateways, which included well-known ones such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and ERC-20, and discovered that they had been causing operational delays.

Kraken’s status page indicated on June 6th that deposits and withdrawals were temporarily delayed and that they would offer updates as soon as possible.

The first announcement was made at 7:44 am UTC when deposits and withdrawals were postponed. Subsequent updates at 8:06 am UTC and 8:13 am UTC indicated that they were still working on a solution to the issue.

The cause of the issue was not evident from the status page.

At 8:35 am UTC, the status page was back to normal, with all information regarding delays and issues erased.

Cointelegraph has contacted Kraken to inquire about the root of the problem.

Kraken’s futures platform is anticipated to be inaccessible to customers for around 10 minutes starting at 10:30 am UTC on June 6 due to maintenance on the site.

The Kraken, a UK trade body, has criticized a lawmaker’s characterization of crypto as ‘gambling’.

Kraken is currently being pressed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the US to provide customer data, which the exchange has characterized as an “unjustified search.”

The exchange appealed to the courts in San Francisco to take action, arguing that the IRS has exceeded its bounds with its unjustified assertions.

On April 18th, Kraken was given the green light to function as a virtual asset service provider in Ireland. This clearance made Kraken the third cryptocurrency exchange to be officially recognized in Ireland, after Gemini and Coinbase.

Most recently, Nick Percoco, the Chief Security Officer of Kraken, worked with a renowned streamer to create a counterfeit crypto account on the exchange and to bait those with malicious intentions in its system.

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