Jack Dorsey tips pro-crypto candidate Robert Kennedy to win presidency

Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, has lent his support to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the pro-crypto Democrat presidential candidate.

“The CEO of Block Inc. wrote ‘He can and will’, accompanied by a YouTube clip from Fox News, in which Kennedy elucidated his strategy for overcoming the renowned Republican presidential nominees, Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump.”

When the user inquired as to whether he was “endorsing or merely forecasting?”, Kennedy, Dorsey responded with “both.”

Robert Kennedy is the nephew of John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, and the latest Kennedy to attempt to become president.

Kennedy, a lawyer specializing in environmental issues and a vocal opponent of vaccines, declared his candidacy for the presidency on April 19. Notably, Kennedy is a firm believer in cryptocurrencies. At a keynote address at the Bitcoin Miami Conference on May 19, he informed those present that he would be accepting Bitcoin (BTC) contributions for his presidential campaign.

He has referred to Bitcoin, the foremost cryptocurrency, as an “innovation engine” and has expressed his disapproval of central bank digital currencies as instruments that can “significantly enhance the government’s capacity to stifle dissent by blocking access to funds with a single keystroke.”

On May 3, Kennedy denounced the Biden administration’s suggested tax on crypto mining. He labeled the proposed 30% tax on energy utilized by crypto miners “a poor idea,” and argued that while mining’s energy consumption was “a worry” it was “somewhat exaggerated.”

White House candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has voiced concerns that instant payments could lead to “financial slavery”.

According to a May 27 poll from Fox News, Kennedy has the backing of 16% of Democratic primary voters, which Fox states is a “significant portion” for a challenger to a sitting president.

The magazine states that Bitcoin is heading towards a future of “Net Zero” promises.

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