Irish data watchdog blocks Google from launching Bard in the EU: Report

Irish Data Watchdog Blocks Google from Launching BARD in the EU

The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) has blocked Google from launching its new service, BARD, in the European Union due to privacy concerns. The DPC is the lead regulator for Google in the EU, and its decision to block the launch of BARD is a major setback for the tech giant.

Google had planned to launch BARD, a service that would allow users to store and share data across different services, in the EU. However, the DPC raised concerns about the privacy of users’ data and the potential for data misuse. After an investigation, the DPC concluded that Google had failed to meet the EU’s data protection requirements.

The DPC’s decision to block the launch of BARD is a significant setback for Google. The company had hoped to use BARD as a way to increase its presence in the EU, but the DPC’s ruling has put a stop to those plans.

The DPC’s decision is a reminder that companies must take data protection seriously. Companies must ensure that they comply with data protection laws and regulations in order to protect the privacy of their users.

Reasons for the Block

The Data Protection Commission (DPC) of Ireland blocked the launch of Google’s BARD service in the European Union due to concerns that Google was not adequately protecting user data and was not transparent about how it would use the data. The DPC also found that Google had not adequately considered the potential risks to user privacy.

Google’s Response

Google has stated that it is working with the DPC to address the issues raised and that it is committed to protecting user privacy.

Google also noted that it is taking steps to ensure that user data is protected and that it is transparent about how it will use the data.

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