Mastercard partners with crypto payment firm MoonPay to provide enterprise AI and Web 3.0 services.
Mastercard partners with crypto payment firm MoonPay for Web3 services

Exploring Benefits of Cryptocurrency through Collaboration

Global payment giant Mastercard is exploring the potential of cryptocurrency through a new partnership with crypto payment platform MoonPay. On Oct. 25, the two firms announced the collaboration at Money20/20 in Las Vegas, which was confirmed by Mastercard in a statement to Cointelegraph.

MoonPay’s enterprise president, Keith Grossman, and Mastercard’s chief marketing and communications officer, Raja Rajamannar, expressed their enthusiasm to take advantage of MoonPay’s Web3 portfolio, including auth to minting to ETHPass and more. Furthermore, they plan to work closely with their agency, Otherlife, to strategize, create and develop their experiential initiatives.

The partnership between Mastercard and MoonPay is another step towards understanding the advantages of cryptocurrency and Web3 tools. With this collaboration, the two firms are seeking to improve experiential marketing and find new ways to connect with Mastercard’s consumers.

Web3 and Mastercard Collaboration

MoonPay is working to integrate Mastercard products and solutions to promote trust and compliance in the Web3 industry. This includes utilizing tools such as “Click to Pay,” Mastercard Send and Mastercard Crypto Credentials. Adam Polansky, Mastercard’s Web3 marketing commented on Grossman’s post, expressing his gratitude for the partnership. Elizabeth Taylor, Mastercard’s partnership executive also shared her excitement.

Mastercard has been actively engaged in the blockchain and crypto industry, introducing several products to its platform. In 2022, banks were given the opportunity to offer crypto trading capabilities to their customers in collaboration with Paxos. Mastercard also partnered with Coinbase and MoonPay to bring its payments to Web3 and nonfungible tokens.

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