Arbitrum, Optimism, and Web 3.0 join forces to launch decentralized asset management system.
Decentralized asset management system launches for Arbitrum, Optimism

Valio Launches Publicly

Valio, a decentralized asset management platform, has gone public, according to a statement from the platform’s team. This new protocol allows users to have their funds managed by professional traders without having to trust them as custodians.

The public launch is initially taking place on the Abitrum and Optimism networks. Prior to this, Valio was launched in a whitelisted version on July 24. However, the new public version unveiled on Aug. 7 does not require managers to be pre-approved.

In a conversation with Cointelegraph, Valio founder Karlis gave more details on how the app works. Investors can browse lists of money managers and view their stats through an “explore” page. If an investor decides to back a particular money manager, they can deposit assets to participate in that money manager’s fund.

All assets are held in smart contracts and cannot be removed by the money manager. Furthermore, the DeFi applications that a manager can invest in are limited to a predetermined list. At launch, Valio is integrated with GMX, a perpetuals trading platform on Arbitrum, as well as the 0x decentralized exchange protocol on Optimism.

The Benefits of Web 3.0 Asset Management

Valio, a Web 3.0 asset management platform, is designed to prevent money managers from draining investors’ funds through investing in illiquid assets and betting against their own clients. The platform utilizes a “cumulative price impact tolerance architecture” to limit the amount of price impact money managers can cause to an individual investment, capping it at 3%-5%.

The platform’s founder, Karlis, believes that anyone can become a money manager on Valio, regardless of where they come from or what their background is. All users need to do is configure a few parameters and click the “create” button to deploy a vault, and the app will track the manager’s returns and provide detailed information about investments held in their vault. Additionally, users who are not Web3 savvy can use a seedless smart contract wallet to confirm transactions and log in with social login tools.

Karlis believes that apps like Valio are the future of asset management, as they will attract the “Wall Street Bets” crowd that is interested in “actual success.”

A lot of companies are striving to make DeFi apps and crypto wallets easier to use for Web2 users, who don’t understand how to set up a wallet, store seed words, transfer crypto, switch networks, and do other tasks. Valio is one of the projects that are trying to solve this problem with the help of new wallet technology, such as Synquote and Beam wallet. Web3.0, also known as the decentralized web, is another term for these new technologies, which include MBL crypto, Maple crypto, and MDT crypto, and offer various opportunities for investing.

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