TON blockchain launches on-chain encrypted messaging feature

TON Foundation Launches On-Chain Encrypted Messaging Service

The TON Foundation, the developer of the Open Network (TON), announced on July 3 that it had launched an on-chain encrypted messaging service, which enables TON users to send private messages to each other.

In July 2020, Telegram instant messaging app team abandoned a project before a mainnet was launched.

The TON Foundation has created a network named “TON” which they claim is more scalable and has higher transaction throughput than other Web3 options, yet still retains its decentralization.

/TON has always enabled users to send messages in transactions. Previously, however, these messages were visible to all. Thanks to the new feature, users can now encrypt their messages end to end, so that only the intended recipient can view them/.

Anatoly Makosov, a core developer of TON, asserted that the feature was designed to facilitate “personalization” of transactions.

TON Network Offers Secure Communication in Event of “Apocalypse”

Makosov stated that TON would be a dependable and secure way to communicate if an “apocalypse” were to happen and cause traditional messaging servers to malfunction.

Retail wallet apps such as MyTonWallet, OpenMask and TON Wallet now offer encrypted messaging capabilities. Furthermore, Tonkeeper mobile wallet will be receiving the feature in future updates, according to the announcement.

In May, the TON Foundation initiated a $25 million accelerator initiative to motivate app developers to construct on the network. In November, a separate development team developed a Telegram trading bot to bring users to TON.

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