South Korean crypto criminals face life imprisonment

New Regulations Aim to Protect Crypto Investors in South Korea

The South Korean government has recently updated the Virtual Asset Users Protection Act with cryptocurrency-focused regulations in an effort to safeguard investors from market crimes and promote transparency.

The Financial Services Commission (FSC), the top financial regulator in South Korea, announced the new law on Feb. 7. It prohibits the use of undisclosed important information, market manipulation, and illegal trading in the crypto market. The legislation also imposes severe criminal punishments, such as fixed-term imprisonment or hefty fines, for any violations.

The Virtual Asset User Protection Act is expected to take effect on July 19, 2024, after being enacted on July 18, 2023. This update aims to protect the rights of crypto investors and ensure fair market practices.

Web 3.0: How Will It Impact Businesses?

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As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the Financial Services Commission (FSC) in South Korea has taken a firm stance against illegal crypto trading schemes. According to the FSC, individuals who make over 5 billion won ($3.8 million) through these schemes could face life sentences.

Furthermore, the FSC has also emphasized its authority to supervise and investigate unfair trading practices within the virtual asset industry. This is in accordance with the Virtual Asset User Protection Act, which was passed by South Korean lawmakers in June 2023.

The new crypto law was a response to the collapse of Terraform Labs, a South Korean-based company, and its founder Do Kwon. This incident resulted in a market loss of over $450 billion in May 2022.

Kwon, who is currently facing extradition to the United States, has been charged with eight offenses, including commodities fraud, securities fraud, wire fraud, and market manipulation conspiracy.

With the rise of web 3.0, it is crucial for businesses to stay updated and compliant with regulations. This includes updating webOS systems, such as LG’s webOS 3.0, to the latest version 4.0 to ensure optimal performance and security. As web 3.0 continues to impact business models, it is essential for companies to adapt and stay ahead of the game.

In recent news from Asia, the Ministry of Finance in Thailand has announced a game-changing move towards establishing the country as a digital asset hub. According to Bangkok Post, the government has decided to exempt value-added tax (VAT) on digital asset trading in order to encourage the growth of this emerging industry. This decision will come into effect on January 1, 2024 and has no set expiration date, allowing for a long-term impact.

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