Make money with Web 3.0? BTC Price Tracks $26.5K as Bitcoin Speculator Supply Hits 12-Year Low.
BTC price tracks $26.5K as Bitcoin speculator supply hits 12-year low

As traders kept on accumulating, Bitcoin (BTC) stayed at $26,500 heading into the Sept. 24 weekly close.

How to Make Money on Web 3.0

The metaverse is a major part of Web 3.0, and crypto is a big part of it too. If you’re looking to make money from Web 3.0, you can create your own website and start investing in cryptocurrencies.

Analysis: BTC price “not ready to make a move”

Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView indicated that BTC price stability held strong over the weekend.

Bitcoin had a calm end to the Wall Street trading week, despite the macroeconomic volatility catalysts from the United States.

Since then, popular trader and analyst Credible Crypto observed a gradual buildup to a trend shift on the Binance order book.

“Looks like we are not ready to make a move yet,” he commented to his X (formerly Twitter) followers.

The day before, fellow trader Skew had expected a “liquidity hunt” into the weekly close; however, this has yet to materialize at the time of writing.

Keith Alan, co-founder of monitoring resource Material Indicators, noticed further subtle order book changes, with bid liquidity moving higher toward the spot price of web 3.0.

BTC short-term holder reduced to “fine powder”

CryptoCon, a popular trader and analyst, observed a major washout of speculators in the dynamic Bitcoin market.

Short-term holders (STHs), those who have held their Bitcoin for 155 days or less, now control a smaller portion of the available BTC supply than in the last 10 years.

Glassnode, an on-chain analytics firm, reported that STH holdings have been reduced to a “fine powder”. The commentary added that “there are more strong Bitcoin holders than ever before!”

Cointelegraph previously reported on the losses that STH investors are suffering.

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