How Peter McCormack is turning an unknown town into a Bitcoin hub

In the most recent Cointelegraph documentary, Joe Hall looked into the outcome of a football team funded by Bitcoin (BTC), Real Bedford, on the small city of Bedford in the United Kingdom. Can such a team really bring a town to life?

Peter McCormack, the celebrated presenter of the What Bitcoin Did podcast, acquired Real Bedford Football Club in 2021 when Bitcoin was at its most exuberant.

Despite doubts from some, McCormack viewed the chance to bring a football club back to life and increase Bitcoin acceptance in his hometown as a great opportunity. Two years on, Real Bedford F.C. has been promoted, obtained considerable sponsorships, and gained a huge following of supporters both domestically and overseas.

The club’s vibrant orange jerseys proudly display the Bitcoin logo, highlighting the team’s close relationship with the world’s most prominent digital currency. Before each match, Bitcoin gatherings are organized and influential figures from the Bitcoin realm are invited to participate.

Naturally, the manager’s unorthodox approach has aroused both interest and disapproval, with some local people being doubtful of the Bitcoin labeling and what it implies. Hall inquires of the locals in street interviews and sideline discussions to what extent the club has impacted the town. A few were aware of the club’s Bitcoin takeover while others had never heard of McCormack, yet the general attitude was unfavorable.

McCormack is looking to clear up any confusion and help increase Bitcoin acceptance through the football club. Instead of pushing the currency on the townspeople, he sees the team as a way to slowly introduce them to Bitcoin. The Real Bedford website even has a piece titled “Why you shouldn’t buy Bitcoin,” which emphasizes the significance of learning and sensible investing.

Although Real Bedford is exclusively a Bitcoin club, McCormack recognizes the appeal of other cryptocurrencies and crypto-related initiatives.

Despite this, McCormack is dedicated to the ideals of Bitcoin. He is confident that with effort and the backing of the Bitcoin community, Real Bedford can ascend to the Premier League in the 2030s.

Featuring conversations with Jeff Booth, Ben Arc, supporters, and members of the community, the Real Bedford documentary will provide insight into the team’s narrative, highlighting the impact of Bitcoin in sports and local neighborhoods.

As the United Kingdom government is becoming more accepting of central bank digital currencies, despite the Bitcoin community’s cautionary advice, Bitcoin may not have as much of a presence in the country. In this situation, Real Bedford is increasingly becoming a shining example for Bitcoin adoption in the United Kingdom.

Real Bedford FC, a soccer club related to Bitcoin, has won the league.

Real Bedford is much more than just a club, as is suggested by Barcelona’s motto: “Mes que un club.” It is a representation of strength, defiance, and an actual demonstration of Bitcoin’s capacity to improve places.

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