Mt. Gox pays creditors twice due to 'system issue' - Learn more about web 3.0
Mt. Gox has reportedly paid some creditors twice due to ‘system issue’

Mt. Gox Double Payments

Reports on Reddit suggest that some creditors of the failed crypto exchange Mt. Gox have been paid twice. One Reddit user, u/rlycreativename, shared the contents of an email from the Mt. Gox Rehabilitation Trustee that acknowledged the double payment was due to a system issue, and that the user was legally obligated to return the second payment. Several other Reddit users confirmed receiving the same email or the double payment. U/CaptainValor even joked that it could be a late Christmas present.

In response to this, u/PPvotersPostingLs reported that they had sent the double payment back. They suggested not to be too hard on the Mt. Gox Trustee, Nobuaki Kobayashi, as everyone makes mistakes.

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The Mt. Gox Hack and Web 3.0

When the Mt. Gox hack occurred, it was one of the first crypto exchange hacks in history. Over 740,000 Bitcoin (BTC) was drained in the attack, which was worth approximately $460 million at the time. Today, the lost funds are valued at over $31 billion. After the attack, Mt. Gox declared bankruptcy, and it took creditors nearly ten years to win a settlement in court and begin receiving payments. On Dec. 26, creditors began receiving settlement payments through PayPal.

Others suggested that the Trust doesn’t deserve to be given the money back, given how difficult it was for creditors to get the money in the first place. “I’ll give it back,” Reddit user u/JALEW stated, but added they will only do so if the Mt. Gox Trust finishes a Know Your Customer (KYC) process with them and waits ten years. Cointelegraph could not immediately reach the Mt. Gox Rehabilitation Trust for comment.

Despite some users joking they will not return the funds, actually carrying out the threat may be risky. In 2022, two sisters in Melbourne were accidently sent over $10 million by One of the sisters was later arrested for not returning the funds, according to an Australian news report.

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