Crypto miners reducing global emissions up to 8%, according to a new report.
Bitcoin mining can help reduce up to 8% of global emissions: Report

Bitcoin and the Energy Transition: From Risk to Opportunity

The Institute of Risk Management (IRM) published a paper that suggested Bitcoin (BTC) has the potential to be a catalyst for a global energy transition. Members of the IRM Energy and Renewables Group, Dylan Campbell and Alexander Larsen, wrote the report.

The authors discussed the importance of energy and the need for reliable, clean, and more affordable energy sources. They also addressed the criticisms of Bitcoin’s energy intensity, but highlighted the potential benefits it can bring to the energy industry.

The paper proposed that Bitcoin mining can reduce global emissions by up to 8% by 2030. This can be done by converting methane emissions into less harmful gases. The authors suggested that using captured methane to power crypto miners could reduce the amount of methane vented into the atmosphere.

The report concluded that Bitcoin can not only be seen as a risk due to its energy consumption, but also as an opportunity to catalyze a global energy transition and create new solutions for energy challenges.

The paper also highlighted other ways Bitcoin can be beneficial to the energy sector. According to the report, Bitcoin miners can be used to optimize electricity grid management and their generated heat can be transferred to greenhouses.

The authors of the paper argued that, despite being a consumer of electricity, Bitcoin does not necessarily have to be a high emitter of carbon dioxide and other atmospheric pollutants. They concluded that Bitcoin could be the driving force behind a cleaner and more energy-abundant future.

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