How to use DeFi the right way — This latest guide can help

The cryptocurrency market experienced a remarkable surge in growth during the 2021 DeFi Summer, with heightened FOMO pushing Bitcoin (BTC) and much of the crypto market to record-breaking highs. During this period, the total value locked (TVL) across the DeFi sector skyrocketed to almost $180 billion before plummeting.

Following the recent weeks of Bitcoin’s price surpassing the $30,000 mark, some are questioning if the market is preparing for another bull run. This could draw the attention of both experienced investors and those fresh to the crypto space to explore DeFi, and Cointelegraph Research’s new report is here to provide insights for current, former, and prospective DeFi users.

Obtain the report from the Cointelegraph Research Terminal.

The “Investing in DeFi: A Comprehensive Guide” report is an ideal introduction for novices to blockchain, providing an overview of DeFi. The report contains links and references to all the necessary resources and tools to assist individuals in conducting their own research prior to investing in anything. Cointelegraph Research and Cointelegraph Markets Pro joined forces on several aspects of the report to offer tips and tricks to aid DeFi users with fundamental analysis to reduce the risks related to investing in cryptocurrencies.

More growth for DeFi in the near future?

Prior to investing in DeFi, it is essential to be aware of the potential for the sector’s growth in the event of heightened interest in the future. Examining the chart of DeFi’s remarkable surge during the 2021 DeFi Summer, it appears that there is ample room for growth to the levels seen in the previous bull cycle.

There is no assurance that the crypto markets will follow suit, however it does point to the fact that there was once a demand for DeFi at these prices. Investors must ask themselves: “Is there more or less usage today than before?” and “Could there be more or less usage in the future than today?”

So many tools, so little time

Unlike the early days of cryptocurrency, there is now a variety of different tools and applications available to users of DeFi. It is not feasible to compile all the solutions that have been established and released in one chart.

The illustration below provides a foundation for DeFi investors to begin examining the various protocols and potential investments in the crypto space. Cointelegraph Research’s most recent report serves as a launchpad to introduce newcomers to the realm of DeFi.

The Cointelegraph Research team

The Research department of Cointelegraph has gathered some of the most proficient individuals in the blockchain sector. Merging scholarly exactness and filtered through practical, acquired wisdom, the researchers on the team are devoted to providing the most precise and perceptive content attainable.

Michael Tabone serves as the Deputy Director of Research at Cointelegraph. His research team is composed of specialists from various backgrounds in finance, economics, and technology, dedicated to delivering the most reliable source of industry reports and insightful analysis. To ensure that their data is precise and valuable, the team utilizes APIs from multiple sources.

With decades of expertise across traditional finance, business, engineering, technology and research, the Cointelegraph Research team is well-suited to utilize its collective skills for its “Investing in DeFi” report.

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