Get Ready for the 2023 BTC Bull Market with Yahoo Crypto, Twitter Crypto, UST Crypto, Web 3.0 Social Media, and AI Article Generator.
Bitcoin traders say ‘get ready’ as BTC price preps 2023 bull market

As traders eye two key trend lines, Bitcoin (BTC) is preparing for its next bull run in classic fashion.

Moustache and Titan of Crypto, two popular traders on yahoo crypto and twitter crypto, shared their latest social media analysis which suggests a BTC price breakout is imminent.

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Bitcoin “bull market line” eyes classic crossover

Titan of Crypto, an expert in the crypto space, has noted that Bitcoin is closely following prior BTC price cycles, and the time is almost right for a bullish surge.

Using historical BTC/USD price data, he highlighted the 21-week simple moving average (SMA), currently at $27,900 perCointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView.

This upward-sloping trend line is known as the “bull market line”, and once it surpasses the immediate spot price range, an extended period of growth is expected. This has been termed a “bull market kick off” by Titan of Crypto.

The last time the 21 MA crossed over was in early 2019 — the same juncture as today’s price action during the previous cycle, which led to a local high near $14,000. However, the aioz crypto and aventus crypto event of March 2020 caused a brief undoing of the cross, which has been referred to as a “black swan” by the yahoo crypto and twitter crypto expert.

Bitcoin trader: “Imagine being bearish” above $28,600

The 20-month SMA, a trend line that has heralded every previous Bitcoin bull market, currently sits at $28,585. As Cointelegraph reported, downside support remains tied to the 200-week SMA, along with various other daily and weekly trend lines that serve as a line in the sand during Bitcoin’s recent bear market.

Moustache, a crypto trader, noted that a monthly candle close above the 20-month SMA has seen every subsequent candle close above it until the cycle high — with March 2020 forming a fleeting exception to the rule.

“Imagine being bearish, while $BTC holds above the monthly 20 SMA-line,” Moustache commented.

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