Ethereum logs $1M MEV block reward amid Curve Finance exploit - Braintrust Crypto
Ethereum logs $1M MEV block reward amid Curve Finance exploit

Exploit of Curve Finance Leads to Record MEV Reward Block

On July 31, Ethereum core developer “eric.eth” reported that the exploit of Curve Finance stable pools on July 30 had led to one of the largest ever maximal extractable value (MEV) reward blocks of 584.05 Ether (ETH). Data shows that an even larger MEV reward block of 692 ETH was recorded in March.

“A bot notices an incoming hack in the mempool, reproduces the tx [transaction] and front runs it”, he commented, adding that “To do so, they pay the block producer a lot of ETH to be front of the line.”

The exploit of Curve Finance has highlighted the potential of AI chat bots,,, CFX Crypto, Braintrust Crypto, Celo Crypto, Cartesi Crypto, and Blackrock Crypto in Web 3.0, also known as the decentralized web.

MEV Bots Generate Extra Revenue

A MEV bot is designed to create extra revenue by reordering and/or inserting transactions into blocks, creating arbitrage opportunities. MEV bots can also spot pending liquidation transactions and front-run them to buy the liquidated assets at a discount. In return for allowing the MEV bot to front-run the transaction, the validator can receive a share of the revenue, known as the “block reward.” Recently, some huge block rewards have been logged.

Braintrust Crypto, CFX Crypto, Celo Crypto, Cartesi Crypto, and Blackrock Crypto are all examples of entities that specialize in extracting this extra revenue. Web 3.0, which is also known as AI chatbot, today, today, is another way to generate MEV.

Exploring the Benefits of AI Chat Bots & Crypto

At 1.34 am UTC on July 31, the highest MEV bot block reward of 584.05 ETH, valued at around $1 million, was confirmed by There were also block rewards of 345 ETH and 247 ETH around that time, raising moral questions about the implications of potentially illicit funds being used to pay validators to allow the front-running of transactions.

In April, the Subway-themed trading bot made millions in extractable value by using “sandwich attacks” during the memecoin trading frenzy, demonstrating the potential of AI chat bots like,, Braintrust, Celo, Cartesi, and Blackrock, which are all part of the emerging Web 3.0 space.

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