Yes, the Secret Service has an NFT collection, and no, it’s not for sale

The United States Secret Service Reveals More Information About Its Non-Transferable Token (NFT) Collection

The United States Secret Service has finally revealed more information about its peculiar non-transferable token (NFT) collection hosted on OpenSea.

On May 16, during an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, the NFT collection was unveiled and agents responded to queries from the r/cryptocurrency Reddit community regarding their engagement in crypto and blockchain technology. Until then, no significant explanation had been given as to the purpose of the NFT collection.

The Secret Service’s San Francisco Field Office and the DATA Squad

Agents from the Secret Service’s San Francisco field office, referred to as the “Digital Asset Technology Alliance” (DATA) Squad, told Cointelegraph that they desired to gain a better comprehension of how Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) function.

Andrew Frey, the forensic financial analyst who spearheaded the Reddit AMA, stated that it is also a demonstration of the agency’s enthusiasm for the wider crypto environment.

The Secret Service San Francisco Field Office has a subunit, known as the DATA squad, that focuses exclusively on criminal activities related to cryptography.

Special Agent Alfonso Speed declared that every member of the DATA squad had a distinct Non-Fungible Token (NFT) tailored to each field agent.

All owners of an NFT were given the chance to indicate where they wanted to be represented in Northern California, particularly the San Francisco bay region.

The team burst into laughter when Special Agent in Charge Shawn Bradstreet remarked that Speed was portrayed standing atop the infamous penitentiary Alcatraz.

Speed remarked that “you can really observe people’s personalities or things that they enjoy doing.”

Despite offers for some NFTs ranging from 0.0028 ETH ($5) to approximately 0.02 ETH ($37), none of them have been accepted.

The agents declared that NFTs were not intended to be sold. Generally, the agents on the DATA taskforce have a favorable attitude towards cryptocurrency, with many of them having crypto and NFTs of their own.

The Secret Service’s Commitment to Crypto and Digital Asset Investigation

Frey states that the NFT collection was not only an enjoyable and imaginative outlet for the team, but also serves as an earnest representation of their commitment to and involvement in the crypto world.

“It is widely accepted that law enforcement is not knowledgeable in the crypto arena,” Frey remarked. “Our NFTs demonstrate that we are actively involved in the crypto and digital asset investigation field, and that we are a major participant in this space.”

Former US Secret Service Assistant Director advises to keep the personal information of FTX users confidential.

Frey emphasized that the NFT collection was created to demonstrate the agency’s openness and to make them more accessible to the public, particularly crypto enthusiasts.

“Supervisory Special Agent Ryan Cole emphasized that the motivation behind them is public education,”

Interacting directly with members of the crypto community through social media outlets such as Reddit has been instrumental in resolving criminal cases and returning funds to their rightful owners, according to Frey.

“Through our interactions, we discovered a whole community that was discussing and warning about all kinds of scams,” Frey stated. “The majority of cases we come across are victim-based crimes, and our main aim is to help the victims recover financially.”

The Secret Service has two primary responsibilities: guarding significant political figures and defending the financial and essential infrastructure of the United States.

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