Honk if you love Bitcoin! Lightning takes the wheel of a European rally car adventure

Bitcoin Ambassadors Race Across Northern Europe

A team of “Bitcoin Ambassadors” is piloting a Bitcoin-mobile (BTC) as they compete in the 8,000-kilometer Baltic Sea Circle Rally race, informing other competitors and campsites about Bitcoin along the way.

This week, two Bitcoin proponents, Cercatrova, the democratically elected president of the German-speaking Bitcoin community Einundzwanzig, and his companion Daktari, embarked on a mission to spread awareness of Bitcoin, attempting to traverse nine Northern European countries in their car adorned with Bitcoin branding.

Speaking from a location above the Arctic Circle, Cercatrova told Cointelegraph:

The aim is to “give Bitcoin to the public”, while also raising funds for two causes, a Panamanian coffee grower and an El Salvadoran peer2peer ride-sharing application built on Lightning. Of course, they have been “orange pilling” or educating people about Bitcoin during their trip.

Christian, the founder of Seedor, a German-based metal Bitcoin backup, has been closely tracking their progress and told Cointelegraph that while in Norway they “converted the campground owner to Bitcoin”. The pair demonstrated how to pay with Bitcoin to the campground proprietor.

Cercatrova informed Cointelegraph that they have already conversed about Bitcoin with a minimum of 30 people as part of the rally, in addition to random conversations with intrigued onlookers. Furthermore, passersby and those who overtake the car can scan the QR code on the side of the vehicle to acquire free Satoshis, or minuscule amounts of Bitcoin, to initiate their Bitcoin voyage.

The car is also fitted with a candy dispenser that takes Bitcoin, so newbies can use their freshly acquired Sats to buy candy, “just to get a feel of how it works,” Cercatrova stated.

Raising Funds for Charitable Causes

For those Bitcoin aficionados keeping an eye on the proceedings, the car is equipped with Lightning capabilities. A jukebox that can be operated remotely, as well as a Lightning-activated horn, can be controlled from any location. Fans and admirers from all over the world are sending their music requests to the car’s Telegram group with Lightning capabilities, paying less than a single dollar for the privilege.

Enthusiasts of lightning can also activate a car’s horn from thousands of miles away. This is done with a lightning switch that is triggered when it receives a certain amount of sats. Cercatrova explains:

The honk of the jukebox is comically loud and playful, and the playlist it plays is incredibly varied, ranging from metal to Mozart, German folk tunes to crypto classics like ‘Pump it Up’. Cercatrova noted that the wide variety of music is a great source of enjoyment and inspiration.

So far, the Bitcoin Ambassadors rally team has raised around 4 million Satoshis, which is equivalent to $1,200, for charitable causes. Cercatrova mentioned that if more Sats are sent in the upcoming days, the total amount could be even higher. The drivers are halfway through their journey and are expected to reach the finish line by the end of June.

The mechanic received their first payment in Bitcoin for fixing a Lamborghini.

Peter McCormack Brings Bitcoin to the Public

For this article, Reporter Joe Hall conducted vital research which included setting off a horn during the phone interview and playing a famous song by Rick Astley.

Peter McCormack’s Real Bedford Football Club has brought Bitcoin to the attention of the public.

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