EU consumer protection groups urge governments to investigate AI

EU Consumer Protection Organizations Call for Investigation of AI Models

Consumer protection organizations from the European Union (EU) are calling on regulators to investigate the AI models that power popular chatbots.

Thirteen watchdog organizations released a statement to their respective national consumer, data protection, competition and product safety authorities on Tuesday, expressing their worries regarding generative AI, as reported by the AP.

The groups suggested that regulators should examine the AI powering systems like OpenAI’s ChatGPT in order to evaluate the dangers and weaknesses to customers before the implementation of the EU’s AI legislation.

In addition to EU local officials, the coalition also sent a letter to US President Joe Biden expressing similar worries that generative AI could be detrimental to consumers.

The call to action implored leaders to make use of existing regulations and to create new ones to address worries about AI. As evidence, they pointed to a report from the Norwegian Consumer Council which reveals the risks associated with AI chatbots, such as the dissemination of false information, data collection, and manipulation.

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Regulators in the US, EU and UK Consider AI Regulations

Shortly after the EU regulators passed their historic AI Act on June 14, a warning was issued. The bill was approved in Parliament with 499 votes in favor, 28 against, and 93 abstaining.

It is anticipated that the laws will come into force within a period of two to three years, following discussions with the individual EU member countries about the specifics of the legislation. These laws will provide a comprehensive framework for the development and use of AI within the European Union.

In the United States, officials are considering regulations related to AI. On June 9, two new bills that are supported by both political parties were put forth, which address issues of transparency and advancement in the field.

Regulators in the United Kingdom are advocating for the regulation of AI to be comparable to the regulations governing medicine and nuclear power.

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