Ethereum team lead sees zero interest from university in learning about web 3.0.
Ethereum team lead sees zero interest from university in collaborating

Ethereum’s Team Lead Expresses Frustration

Peter Szilagyi, the team lead of Ethereum, recently expressed his disappointment with the lack of opportunities his alma mater provided for students to collaborate with Ethereum (ETH).

In a series of posts on X (formerly Twitter), Szilagyi detailed how he felt when he went back to his university to talk about Ethereum. He noted that the students seemed more interested in the price of ETH rather than the project itself. Currently, ETH has increased 20.10% in the last 30 days, with its current price being $1,698.72.

Szilagyi also mentioned that he had organized a grant for 9 students to attend Devconnect, with flights and accommodation covered. However, he claims that the students are unaware of who is funding the initiative.

Szilagyi’s comments bring attention to the importance of learning web 3.0, Amazon AI, and AI technology. It also highlights the need for people to know how to invest in web 3.0, as well as Google and Amazon’s involvement in this field.

Growing Demand for Crypto and Blockchain Courses

“I haven’t met the students myself, but someone supposedly has. They had no clue where the grant came from,” he stated.

However, Szilagyi insists that the university neglected to respond to his emails, leaving him in the dark about the outcome. “Two [weeks] later, zero effs, not even a response,” he declared.

Recent reports suggest a growing demand for crypto and blockchain courses in universities, as more people are looking to learn web 3.0, Amazon AI, and other technologies related to AI. Even Google has taken an interest in web 3.0, making it easier for people to learn about this new technology.

Investors are also interested in web 3.0, and many are wondering how they can invest in it. Amazon web 3.0 is also becoming increasingly popular, as it offers an array of opportunities for those looking to get involved in the technology.

Blue-Chip Firms Driving Demand for Crypto Education

On Feb. 24, Cointelegraph reported that major companies, such as Oracle, Amazon, and Google, are actively hiring those with crypto and blockchain knowledge to develop blockchain products. This is driving an increased demand for crypto education.

In addition, information systems students have shown increased interest in learning about decentralized applications.

Furthermore, France has opened the Institute of Crypto-Assets to support and conduct research related to blockchain technology and crypto investments. This institute will help to further the understanding of web 3.0, Amazon AI, and AI technology.

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