Ethereum layer 2 zkEVM 'Scroll' confirms mainnet launch - Find the Best Crypto Sites, Telegram, Podcasts, Sources and Mining on Reddit in 2022.
Ethereum layer 2 zkEVM ‘Scroll’ confirms mainnet launch

Best Crypto Sources for Ethereum Scaling Solutions

Scroll, a new zkEVM solution for scaling the Ethereum blockchain, has announced the launch of its mainnet. According to the Scroll team, existing applications and developer tools can now migrate to the new scaling solution with little effort. “Everything functions right out of the box,” they said.

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The Launch of Scroll Mainnet

Scroll’s mainnet launch was made possible after 15 months of rigorous testing and security audits across three separate testnets. The process works by batching thousands of transactions off-chain into one, and then submitting a proof consisting of a minimal data summary to Ethereum’s mainnet.

According to Etherscan data, the first smart contract was deployed on the Scroll mainnet on Oct. 8, although the news had been withheld until now. To ensure the safety of its users, Scroll had its bridge and rollup contracts audited by OpenZeppelin and Zellic, and its zkEVM circuits reviewed by Trail of Bits, Zellic, and KALOS.

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The Launch of Scroll

Scroll has made a remarkable debut, with over 450,000 smart contracts deployed across its three testnets, resulting in 90 million transactions across 9 million blocks. Additionally, 280,000 ZK-proofs were generated.

Ye Zhang, co-founder of Scroll, recently revealed to Cointelegraph that the platform would launch with some centralized features, but the plan is to gradually decentralize over time. He also announced that the Scroll team would put forward several proposals to the community so that they may decide what is best for Scroll’s future.

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The Benefits of Multiple zkEVM Solutions

As the crypto industry continues to expand, more and more solutions are being developed to scale Ethereum. Scroll, Polygon, zkSync, StarkWare and Immutable are just a few of the best crypto outlets working to make the Ethereum ecosystem more robust.

Jordi Baylina, technical lead of Polygon Hermez zkEVM, recently told Cointelegraph that the competition in the zkEVM space is beneficial. He said: “Having different projects adds a lot of experience, and it’s also a way to test different approaches, ways of handling things or solving things.”

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