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Discover the latest updates on the highly anticipated Web 3.0 with this week’s newsletter. Get a sneak peek at Readyverse Studios’ new metaverse game project in their captivating trailer, and delve into the fascinating results of a joint study by the USPTO and Copyright Office on the impact of NFTs. Plus, gain insights from the inventor of the World Wide Web on how cutting-edge technologies like VR and AI are shaping the metaverse. In other news, explore the innovative blockchain music label that is bringing artists into the virtual world, and don’t miss out on this week’s Nifty News, where we uncover the surprising trend of NFT floor prices dropping despite the rise in Ether (ETH) prices.

The Launch of Open: A Metaverse Battle Royale Game by Readyverse Studios

Readyverse Studios, in collaboration with Futurverse Studios and Walker Labs, has unveiled a trailer for their highly anticipated third-person battle royale game, Open. This project, led by Ernest Cline, author of the popular book Ready Player One, and Dan Farah, movie producer, promises to deliver an immersive “AAA metaverse gaming experience” with a variety of genres, intellectual properties, and environments.

The trailer showcases various entertainment systems and even features the iconic time machine from the film Back to the Future, hinting at the incorporation of other IPs beyond the Ready Player One franchise. This exciting new game is set to redefine the concept of “web 3.0” and bridge the gap between the current web 2.0 and the future of internet technology.

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Web 3.0: The Next Chapter of the Internet According to Its Creator

On the 35th anniversary of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, its inventor, shared his predictions for the future of the internet. He believes that virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) will have a significant impact on the next iteration of the internet.

Berners-Lee envisions an AI assistant that people can trust, similar to a doctor, as a normal part of daily life in the new web. He also predicts that spatial computing, powered by VR technology, will replace traditional input devices like the mouse, keyboard, and touchscreen.

Curious to learn more about Web 3.0? Continue reading to discover its definition, differences from Web 2.0, and a helpful diagram to understand its concept.

Understanding Web 3.0: Exploring the Concept and Its Key Features

A collaborative study conducted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the Copyright Office has revealed that NFT marketplaces are rife with piracy and intellectual property infringement. Despite this, the two government agencies have determined that there is no need for new laws to address this issue within the country’s intellectual property framework.

The report highlights that NFT-related infringements fall under the purview of copyright law, just like any other unauthorized reproductions. Furthermore, the study emphasizes that there are already established tools in place to combat NFT infringements, similar to those used for other online copyright violations.

To learn more about the implications of web 3.0 and its potential impact on intellectual property, continue reading.

TCG World partners with Chooky Records to bring Busta Rhymes and others to the next level of the internet – Web 3.0

Blockchain music label Chooky Records and online virtual community sandbox TCG World have joined forces to introduce the sounds of rapper Busta Rhymes, artists O.T. and Elesia Iimura to the revolutionary metaverse. This collaboration will kick off with an animated video featuring the talented musicians in the immersive TCG World metaverse.

Chooky Records explains that this project allows artists to break free from restrictive 360 deals and one-time contracts. By combining digital music with NFTs, the company offers a tokenized entertainment experience.

Learn more about the exciting possibilities of Web 3.0 and the impact it will have on the music industry.

Exciting Updates: Starknet Receives $125 Million for New Gaming Platform, NFT Market Reacts to ETH Surge, and More

In the midst of all this, NFT floor prices saw a decline on March 12 as ETH reached a record-breaking $4,000. Popular collections such as Bored Ape and Mutant Ape Yacht Club dropped by 13%, while Azuki and DeGods saw a decrease of almost 9%.

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