Eli Lilly stock hits new high after successful drug study. Here’s how the pros are playing it

Eli Lilly has seen a surge in stock price after a successful drug study. The pharmaceutical giant has seen its stock reach new heights as investors flock to the company.

The successful drug study has given investors confidence in Eli Lilly’s products and the company’s future prospects. This has caused the stock to surge, with the company’s share price reaching a new high.

Investors are now looking to the pros to see how they are playing the Eli Lilly stock. Many are looking to capitalize on the recent surge and are looking for guidance from the experts.

How the Pros are Playing it

The pros are taking a cautious approach to the Eli Lilly stock. They are not taking any large positions, but are instead looking to capitalize on short-term gains.

They are looking to buy the stock on dips and sell when it reaches a certain level. This allows them to take advantage of the short-term gains while minimizing their risk.

The pros are also looking to diversify their portfolios. They are looking to invest in other stocks in order to spread out their risk and maximize their returns.

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