Developer Uncle Rockstar shares the key to Bitcoin adoption: BTC Prague 2023

At the BTC Prague 2023 event, it was underscored that there are still numerous locations globally where Bitcoin (BTC) acceptance is in its infancy, yet the community is confident that it can bring on more BTC proponents in spite of the difficulties it faces.

In an interview with Cointelegraph journalist Joseph Hall, Uncle Rockstar, the anonymous Bitcoin developer and head of Bitcoin at payment platform Strike, expressed his ideas on Bitcoin adoption and his main worries for the Bitcoin environment in 2023.

The developer mentioned that the BTC Prague event gave him a chance to share his story. He stated that despite having limited time, he was able to provide people with “tiny bits” that he is confident will enable them to replicate his success. He went on to say:

The developer urged people to investigate Bitcoin and contact him or Strike to find out how to work together.

When queried about his biggest worries in the Bitcoin environment in 2023, the programmer discussed what he calls the “Bitcoin derangement syndrome” and diversions with “shitcoins and the SEC” that could lead to some internal conflict.

‘It is possible for anyone to contribute value to the Bitcoin ecosystem’, according to the BTC Prague 2023 event.

Rockstar further elaborated that those suffering from the derangement syndrome have begun to be excessively self-centered. He stated:

Rockstar stated that these issues detract from the tasks that ought to be carried out within the ecosystem. The developer expressed appreciation to those who persist in taking a stand against these negative influences in the space.

He stated that everyone has a part to play in the realm, and if more individuals join the group, Bitcoin can remain on its trajectory.

Rockstar stated that as long as more and more knowledgeable Bitcoiners join the network and work together, collaborating and supporting one another, Bitcoin will continue to increase in value.

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