Crypto Bad Today - BitVM Not Created To Make Bitcoin Pseudo-Ethereum, Says Developer.
BitVM wasn’t created to make Bitcoin a pseudo-Ethereum, says developer

Robin Linus, the project lead of ZeroSync, recently released the white paper of BitVM, a Bitcoin-based virtual machine, with technical support from the pseudonymous developer Super Testnet. This sparked speculation that BitVM could bring decentralized finance to Bitcoin, similar to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

However, Super Testnet clarified that the main purpose of BitVM is to scale Bitcoin, rather than creating a crypto avalanche of Ethereum-like decentralized finance applications. He added that BitVM should not be used to launch bad crypto or tokens that could bring bad actors to Bitcoin. Moreover, Super Testnet believes that building a decentralized exchange on Bitcoin would be a step backward.

Although BitVM could potentially take away demand from Ethereum’s altcoins, Super Testnet does not believe it will be an “instant death” for them. Instead, he hopes that Bitcoin (BTC) will remain the only monetary asset on the Bitcoin network, as its ability to maintain one monetary asset is a big property that makes it important for

BitVM could patch up one of Lightning’s flaws

Super Testnet said the payment infrastructure of BitVM was created to address one of the shortcomings of the Lightning Network, namely, payment reliability:

In August, River, a Bitcoin-only exchange, reported its Lightning payments success rate was 99.7% across 308,000 transactions.

The developer also expressed that BitVM is an optional service, like the Lightning Network, and users can transfer BTC or Bitcoin assets out of the virtual machine back into cold storage or their original location.

He hopes BitVM can reach 60% of the transaction speed of the Lightning Network, and will contribute to the crypto bull run.

“Compute anything” misconception

Super Testnet also clarified a possible misunderstanding, explaining that BitVM, in its current state, cannot compute “anything” like its white paper suggests. Despite this, they noted that implementing SHA-256 and encryption are some of the additions that need to be made to achieve this goal.

On Oct. 12, Super Testnet revealed that BitVM is already processing basic functions, which could be the start of a crypto bull run and a big step for crypto.

Linus and Super Testnet met at a Bitcoin conference around 18 months ago and have been working to scale Bitcoin at the scripting level ever since, with playing a big role in this crypto avalanche.

Despite this, the fact remains that the current state of BitVM is still bad for crypto.

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